Think Anne, THINK!

Still learning

My latest art video :) 

Possibly my new avatar. A super disney version of me :D

Possibly my new avatar. A super disney version of me :D

That Feeling


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Me and you and you and me
No matter how they tossed the dice, it had to be
The only one for me is you and you for me
So happy together!

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Bad apple

I’ve got a really good role model in my life now. By that standard, i’m falling short. 

You never really know how bad you are until you try to be good.

Perhaps this is a much needed fast. Negativity.

Mumble Jumble

My thoughts scares the sh*t out of me sometimes. 

Maybe it’s the job. Dry heave of normality and unfocused tension.
Always spiralling back into this existential crisis. 

Fast negativity and swearing. This is gonna suck.

Feeling inspired. Art Mode ON.

Feeling inspired. Art Mode ON.

I learned a lot of things today.

  1. Your life can twist and change in the space of six hours.
  2. Time is not like long stretchy candy. It isn’t infinite.
  3. Your days are shorter now. Do you see that?
  4. Never rely on your dreams as a means of escape.
  5. They are not real.
  6. Even though you’re breathing normally, it’s always there.
  7. In the corner of your eye, you can see it resting.
  8. Sometimes things are not going to be okay.
  9. Call your family more often. They miss you more than you know.
  10. The words “I love you” are not to be used as punctuation.
  11. Say a word over and over again and it loses its meaning.
  12. It becomes a mess of syllables. It tangles up in its limbs.
  13. Chase through all of the Augusts in your life.
  14. Keep your eyes wide open. Look around you.
  15. Take it all in. You came with nothing, you leave with nothing.
  16. Believe in something bigger than yourself.
  17. Once in a while, it’s okay to talk to imaginary people.
  18. Write more letters to people. They smile when they see you.
  19. You might be the only thing that keeps someone smiling.
  20. Be careful with how you say goodbye.